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28 April 2005 @ 03:54 pm
More money for me  
OK, so, here we go:

-Starting this Sunday I will be moving my stuff to my new apartment in Malone (shut up, Kendra, I can hear you snickering from here) I will be done that Saturday, the 7th. Yes, that means I am paying for two apartments for one week. I also have to pay a large initial fee to set up my cable (over $120.) Plus, being the end of the month, all my other bills are do (yay.) Hopefully I can actually make ends meet. I should, since yesterday I depostit my federal tasx refund, jsut a few hundred bucks, but it will cover the SD on the new place and the cable bill. I won't get the SD back on my current palce till...never, cause it was my parent's money and the check is getting mailed to them.
-I got a raise. The mid-year raise I was promised in Febraury finally went through and (should) be in effect on my next paycheck, which I will get saturday or monday. It's a 10% raise, which is prettyy significant. One thing that irks me, though, is that it was a mid-year raise, yet I am getting it three months late. I doubt I will get the money from those three months. It's almost silly to give me this raise, sicne in three more months, I will get my annual raise (5%.) I proably would have been easier to just give me a 15% annual raise. Oh well, it will be a few hundred dollars extra before the 1st of July so who am I to complain, right?

So, in looking at my new budget, I should be saving over $300 a month compared to now. That includes lower rent, less gas (less than a mile away from work, as oppossed to 45,) bigger paycheck, and no phone service (my cell gets good service in malone, so why pay for a land line?)

More money = good, or so it would seem. But, odds are, I will baffle myself at my ability to somehow not have nearly as much money as I should, because I continually do things I don't budget for (like going somewhere almsot every weekend, getting cash out of the ATM and not taking that into account, etc...)
Punchypunchykendra on April 29th, 2005 02:34 am (UTC)
shuddup yourself
ha! Congrats on the rent but just "ha!" about you and $300. I agree... that $300 will be spent on visiting people or entertainment.
Sucks to pay rent for 2 places at once - but at least you're not me - in a lease so that in order to get the place I want I must start my new lease June 1st while my old (and expensive) one doesn't end until July 31st. So- that money I saved for grad school expenses? Yeah - getting spent on living expenses before I even get to start my grad classes *pout* oh well.
I'm really happy though that you will have such a short commute to work finally. You deserve it!